Gluten Free Menu

One of our owners was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004, which is why we’re dedicated to providing a safe, delicious menu that our gluten-free guests can count on.

Our full chef-developed menu is available gluten free at no additional cost. There is no wheat flour in our kitchen: Gluten-containing items are packaged and handled separately, and never pass through a common fryer or oven. If you must eat gluten free, you can rely on having a safe (and great!) experience here. Even the waffles in our famous chicken-and-waffle plate, as well as those in our ice cream puffle cones can be ordered gluten free!

As in any restaurant, let your server know you need your items gluten free so we can take appropriate precautions for you.

We have a lot more to offer than great gluten free food. You can check out our menu and our classic Duckpin bowling and gaming lounge here:


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