Doc’s Guide to Safer Dining

5 things you can do today to make visits safer

First, no activity is completely safe.  When it comes to COVID-19, safety means sanitizing surfaces and avoiding sharing air with people outside your household.

This will be true until enough people have had the virus or are vaccinated to slow down the spread.  Based on current trends, this should happen by Fall of 2021.

Meanwhile we’re all going a little crazy with the restrictions, right?  When you just have to get out and have a taste of normal at your favorite restaurant you can reduce risk to you and others a few ways:

  1. Go early.  In addition to avoiding crowds, the air is better earlier in the day.  During and after a busy shift all that air in the dining room hasn’t had a chance to get ventilated out yet.
  2. Go at off times.  For most restaurants Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the slowest.  Many restaurants are empty in the middle of the afternoon on weekdays, so that’s a great time to go.
  3. Be Distant.  Ask for the table farthest from other guests.
  4. Be proactive. Wear a mask when not eating.  If the air feels stuffy, leave.  Don’t stay and talk after you’ve finished eating.
  5. Look for tall ceilings. Avoid restaurants with low ceilings. Extra air circulating inside means anything in the air is diluted more. Smaller rooms mean you’re sharing the air with everyone that is there now or has visited recently.

Additionally we recommend greatly reducing risk by choosing restaurants that offer safer dining like that offered at Doc’s Café.  What does that look like?

  1. Ventilate!  A safer restaurant refreshes the air with outside air.  At Doc’s Café we monitor indoor CO2 levels to track air freshness. 
  2. Naturally they’re cleaning the tables, but are they cleaning the air?  At Doc’s Café we have hospital-grade air filters installed in the building, UV sanitizers installed in the air ducts, and private HEPA air cleaners at each table for guests to control.
  3. It should never feel busy.  A lot of restaurants just keep a few tables empty and call it good enough.  Have you seen those places on a Friday night?  Not safe.  At Doc’s Café every table is separated by at least 10 feet.  A safer dining space will not feel busy or crowded even when every table is full.

How do you know if a restaurant is taking these measures?  Check their web site for their COVID-19 safety protocols or call ahead to ask the manager.  If they aren’t saying anything, they aren’t doing anything.

Until then keep these tips in mind and stay safe, friends. We hope to see you soon!