Wingding at the Luxury Lanes


Throw a Wingding to remember!

Your Wingding at Luxury Lanes features classic Duckpin bowling in a beautifully restored pioneer building on Main Street.

Duckpin was first mentioned in print in 1892, and Babe Ruth used to bowl Duckpins in Baltimore.  It’s uniquely American bowling, and more fun!

Price is per-lane, with a 2-lane minimum required to book.  Add up to 6 lanes below for larger groups.  We recommend 4 players per lane.

Cancel for a full refund anytime up to 48 hours before your event.

No events available.


Invite friends and family to join you for unlimited Duckpin bowling in a beautifully restored pioneer building on Main Street.  Relive the simple pleasure of playing real games together.  Feast on snacks and meals ordered from Doc’s Café menu and delivered by your personal server while you play and talk.

Duckpin is a great game for young and old:  The small balls are easier to throw and go faster than ten-pin balls.  Without finger holes the balls are more sanitary and fit everyone.  Scoring is similar to ten-pin, except players get up to 3 throws per turn instead of 2.  While easier to play than ten-pin it’s more challenging:  No one has ever scored a perfect game of 300 in the history of Duckpin.

Want to invite your guests to pay their own way?  Your server can take separate orders for each invited group.

Perfect for:

  • Family Night
  • Private Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Friends in town
  • Work Events

Bookings are for 2 hours on Friday and Saturday.  Book Monday-Thursday evening to receive a bonus third hour at no additional cost!

Minimum booking is for 2 lanes for 2 hours.  8 guests playing on one lane will take about 2 hours to complete a game.  Up to 6 lanes may be booked for larger events.