“Last” Bowling Party


Dine & Play like it’s your last birthday!

I mean, not really.  We’re all going to live forever–OBVIOUSLY.

But why waste a perfectly good day on mediocre bowling or food?  Gourmet burgers, vintage Duckpin bowling, and your favorite people are a perfect mix!

Any two gourmet burgers and 90 minutes on one lane are included for any number of guests (up to 6 recommended).  Bring the kids or invite some friends!

And who says it has to be your birthday?  We won’t tell.

Cancel for a full refund anytime up to 48 hours prior. Offer available with advance online booking only.

No events available.


Duckpin is a great for young and old:  The small balls are easier to throw and go faster than ten-pin balls.  Without finger holes the balls are more sanitary and fit everyone.

Scoring is similar to ten-pin, except players get up to 3 throws per turn instead of 2.  Easier to play, but more challenging:  No one has ever scored a perfect game of 300 in the history of Duckpin.

Duckpin was first mentioned in print in 1892, and Babe Ruth used to bowl Duckpins in Baltimore.  It’s uniquely American bowling, and more fun!